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Sponsored Athletes

Bell Lap Coaching is proud to sponsor selected teams and individuals, from the collegiate to professional levels.  Among those athletes are the Dartmouth College Cycling Team and their summer team Vox Racing, as well as Kat Carr (Salt Lake City, UT), and Dan Holt (Team Type 1 Development, Atlanta, GA).

Sponsored Athlete Spotlght: Ben Grass

Bio: Ben is a Dartmouth medical student from Denver, Colorado. He began his cycling career racing mountain bikes as an undergraduate at Williams College. It wasn't until Ben came to incredible cycling community at Dartmouth that he began to get serious about racing on the road. Ben is now the captain of the 2010-2011 cycling team. He considers himself a criterium specialist, as he enjoys highly technical racing and sprinting. Ben is a survivor of testicular cancer and hopes to practice family medicine in rural Colorado.

From Ben: "I cannot say enough good things about Steve Weller. Effective coaching requires a fine balance between authoritative direction and nurturant understanding.  Steve is a caring and understanding person, and I respect his direction as a coach very much. Steve goes out of his way to create training plans that fit into my incredibly busy life as a medical student. If Steve can make a plan for me, he can make a plan for anyone. And when it comes to results, there is NO doubt. I went from a few moderate successes in B races to winning my first race in Men's A. Steve has taken me to a level of fitness that I never thought possible, and he did it without killing me or consuming my life entirely. I look forward to every phone conversation with Steve. I leave every interaction feeling heard, supported, and with a clear, logical plan."

Ben en route to victory at Grant's Tomb